Policies and Procedures

Academic Expectations

Learning is a life-long continuous process. Learning occurs effectively when there is ownership of the learning, and active engagement of the learner; therefore students will be responsible for:
● Working hard and doing their best
● Paying attention to direction
● Participating in classroom activities
● Completing assignments
● Using time effectively


The early school years are essential for laying a  foundation for strong attendance and academic success in future years. Attending school on a regular basis is also fundamental to the positive development of academic, language, social, and work-related skills.  We know that just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused, can add up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school. In the event that a student must miss school, please notify us by 9:00 am. We use “School Messenger” (download the app or use the link below) to report lates and absences. If we do not receive notification, a call will go out to let you know that your child has not arrived at school. It is the responsibility of the students to make up missed work and assignments but please know that a homework packet from the teacher doesn’t make up for the interaction and learning that happens when they’re at school.


Click here to access School Messenger.

Access to Student Information (FOIPP)

We do not provide information regarding students to unauthorized persons. We will not divulge telephone numbers, addresses, or information regarding a child’s attendance without the authority of the parents or guardians. At the start of the year we will request
your permission to allow photos of your child to appear in our newsletter, on Facebook, or in the local paper (The Vulcan Advocate often covers events and activities at VPE.) If you would prefer that your child’s image does not appear in any media, please let us know.

Character Traits

Building Moral Intelligence:
One of the fundamental values of our school is to ensure a safe and caring environment for all students and staff. Our following mission statement provides a code for how we live our lives as a student of Vulcan Prairieview.

Vulcan Prairieview Student Mission Statement:
Our ultimate responsibility as students is to do our best. We will begin each day on time, well rested, well-fed and with the things we need. We will do our best to concentrate, complete quality work, show respect for each other, our school and our community.
We will be good role models for each other, we will be kind, we will encourage each other, and we will leave no one out. We strive to teach our children to resist any pressures that may defy the habits of solid character and good ethical living: Throughout the year we assemble as a school community to reflect on and learn more about these virtues. Character education forms an essential component of your child's education at Vulcan Prairieview Elementary.

Resolving Concerns

 Administrative Procedure 151: Resolving Concerns

“Parents and members of the public have a right to make inquiries into the conduct of operations of the public school system. In the interests of open communication, inquiries shall first be directed to employees most directly involved in the operations in question. If the parent or member of the public is not satisfied with the response at that level, he/she is
encouraged to follow the lines of authority as appropriate.”

The channels of communication for parents, groups or school councils to address concerns about school issues or Board policy shall be the:  

  1. Teacher, 
  2. Principal,
  3. Superintendent and
  4. Board

Palliser Admin Procedure 151: Parent/Public Inquiries and Concerns  

Emergency School Closure

On rare occasions emergency situations may arise that may force the closure or evacuation of division schools. These emergency situations may occur in relation to, but not limited to, inclement weather and other extremes of nature, mechanical failure, acts of vandalism, fire or bomb threats. If such situations arise, the health and safety of students and employees will be of primary importance.

Administrative Procedure #130: Emergency School Closure



Any assignment that a student does not complete in the allotted school time can be sent home for completion. In addition, extra drill, review, study and research are seen as a part of homework. Your assistance in seeing that your child completes the homework and returns it to school on the next school day is appreciated. One of the most valuable activities a student can participate in is 10 to 20 minutes of nightly reading. Reading to your child is also a very valuable daily activity.

Outdoor Recess/Cold Weather Policy

The general expectation is that all students go outside in all weather.  To this end, parents should ensure that students are dressed appropriately while travelling to and from school and students should have the appropriate clothing to be outside in all weather.  In the event of frigid temperatures and strong wind chills, the length of time students are outside will be carefully monitored and adjusted as necessary and outside supervision will be increased.  

Playground Policy

All students are expected to go outside for recess breaks each day. Recess provides opportunities for students to socialize and to get essential exercise. Recesses are supervised by school staff.

Progressive Discipline Plan

We strongly believe that children have a right to be in a safe learning environment. In the event of recurring, unacceptable and inappropriate behavior that disrupts the learning of others, the student will:
1) receive a verbal warning from the teacher to re-focus her/his attention
2) receive a natural consequence intended to reinforce positive behavior
3) receive a time-out from extra-curricular (recess) activities and/or a short written assignment intended to trigger reflection about the behavior 
4) meet with a member of the Administration Team and parents to explain the problem she/he is having meeting behavioural expectations and to develop an plan of intervention.

Threat Assessment Protocol

The following letter from the Superintendent outlines Palliser’s protocol for high risk behaviors:

Dear Parents:
We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of Palliser Regional Schools’ Threat Assessment Protocol in response to high-risk student behaviors. In order to enhance a sense of safety and security for all in our schools, Palliser Regional Schools has zero
tolerance for high-risk behaviors. High-risk behaviors include, but are not limited to, possession of weapons, bomb threats and threats to kill or injure others. Should any student engage in behavior which threatens or appears to threaten the safety of others,
our protocol for dealing with high-risk behaviors will be activated. (Should you wish to review Administrative Procedure #317 – Threat Assessment Protocol, please check out our website at www.pallisersd.ab.ca.) It would be helpful if you would discuss this policy with your child(ren). We appreciate your support in ensuring our schools are safe environments for your child(ren). 

Superintendent of Schools


Administrative Procedure #317 – Threat Assessment Protocol

Combined Grades at VPE

  • At VPE, we have a combined grades structure.  This year, we have
    • 2 grade ½ classes
    • 3 grade ¾ classes
    • 3 grade ⅚ classes.
  • Benefits--
    • Allows teachers to work collaboratively to maximize their experience and expertise
    • Allows for a more student-centred timetable (allows for better interventions)
    • Builds and fosters student/teacher relationships for 2 years
    • Allows for more consistency when student numbers vary
    • Greater choice and flexibility in students’ classroom placement
    • Students of different grades develop relationships and look out for each other more
    • Achievement test and Accountability Pillar results have improved significantly since this began.

Hot Lunch

Check the monthly calendar for hot lunch days. This program is run by your School Council and is an opportunity to ensure that students have a hot, healthy and fun lunch.

Student Arrival & Departure

Students are requested to arrive NO EARLIER than 8:15 AM. Supervision is provided from 8:15 until dismissal time. Notes are required on each day that your child is not allowed outside. Everyone is reminded to dress according to the weather as students will be required to go outside to get some fresh air. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds at recess. Students going home for lunch must notify teachers. Bus students must remain on
the school grounds unless written permission is received from a parent. Please notify your driver if you will not be on the bus.


The exterior doors are locked during the school day. Public access to the building is through the front doors and all visitors must pass through the office.  Due to restrictions of COVID-19, visitor access to the school is by appointment only.   Under no circumstances should any adult be entering the halls without the express consent of a staff member. This ensures not only the safety of your children but your own safety. In the event of an emergency we are required to know who is in the school. Parents: If you need to pick up your children during the school day, please come to the office and sign them out. If your child becomes ill and needs to go home, parents will be notified and asked to pick up the student. If your pick-up routine is going to be altered for the day, please make a note in this agenda so that teachers are aware of the change in plans. This is especially important for younger students who may get confused about pick-up arrangements.

Health Services

Calgary Health Region employees conduct dental evaluations and some inoculations at a few grade levels throughout the year. If your child is scheduled to be included in any medical activity, a notification will be sent home with your child.