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Early Learning-Grade 6


Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School serves the town of Vulcan and surrounding area. We are a vibrant community of learners who are passionate about creating an educational environment in which every student can succeed.


The exterior doors are locked during the school day, to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We have a doorbell on the side window of the front door, please press it when you arrive and someone will buzz you in as soon as possible. We appreciate your help in keeping our school a safe and caring environment for everyone.


Ward 2, Subdivision 2


Louise Schmidt


Shelli Taylor


Empowered Minds Building Strong Community


We believe that all students can learn.

Together we will build a safe and caring learning community that values respect, community, family, honesty and caring and embodies these values in our daily actions.



The exterior doors are open during the school day, to allow access to the school office. Please check in with the office staff if you need to pick up your child or are meeting someone. This ensures the safety of our students, staff, and yourself, in the event of an emergency we are required to know who is in the school. 

Parents: If you need to pick up your children during the school day, please come to the office to sign them out. 

Combined Grades at VPE

Combined Classes have great benefits for everyone!
  • At VPE, we have a combined grade structure.  This year, we have
    • 3 grade 1-2 classes
    • 3 grade 3-4 classes
    • 3 grade 5-6 classes
    • 1 kindergarten class
    • preschool


  • Benefits-
    • Fosters independence and leadership in students
    • Research indicates that there are often fewer behavior problems
    • Social benefits. Students of different grades develop relationships and look out for each other more
    • Students learn study habits, self-motivation, and cooperation
    • Allows for a more student-centered timetable, therefore allowing greater intervention opportunities. 
    • Academic achievement levels are at or above that of single-grade classes
    • Greater flexibility in students' classroom placement
    • A team of teachers supports an entire group of students, rather than one teacher for one class, isolation
    • Reduces the impact of fluctuating numbers of students from year to year - allows more stability
    • There is less impact if a number of students move in or out of the same grade. (Could result in very large classes.)
    • Help to establish strong relationships between home and school as there is a longer duration to build a relationship
    • Decreases the amount of time spent on establishing routines at the beginning of the year