Vulcan Prairieview Elementary

Prairieview Elementary School serves the town of Vulcan and surrounding area. We are a vibrant community of learners who are passionate about creating an educational environment in which every student can succeed.

Through our Safe and Caring Schools initiative  we strive to foster the virtues of trust, respect, responsibility, family and caring in our daily lives. Through our Leader in Me initiative, we strive to foster the habits that allow our students to thrive.  Vulcan Prairieview is a school where honesty and community live!

Our teachers collaborate to create learner-centred opportunities for all students to make meaning for themselves. Hands-on learning and project-based activities form the core of what we do as we help students explore the world.


Combined Grades at VPE

  • At VPE, we have a combined grades structure.  This year, we have
    • 3 grade ½ classes
    • 2 grade ¾ classes
    • 3 grade ⅚ classes.
  • Benefits--
    • Allows teachers to work collaboratively to maximize their experience and expertise
    • Allows for a more student-centred timetable (allows for better interventions)
    • Builds and fosters student/teacher relationships for 2 years
    • Allows for more consistency when student numbers vary
    • Greater choice and flexibility in students’ classroom placement
    • Students of different grades develop relationships and look out for each other more
    • Achievement test and Accountability Pillar results have improved significantly since this began.

Main Phone: (403) 485-2074


Mrs. Tracy Inaba


Mrs. Shelli Taylor

Administrative Assistant