One School One Book Project

One School One Book Project May/June 2021

Vulcan Prairieview Elementary is excited to be engaging in the One School One Book Project.  We are doing a study of the book A Boy Called Bat.  This is a great opportunity for us to bridge what we are doing at school and what you are doing at home to support student learning and ultimately bring the love of reading home .  It is a whole school project for all students in Kindergarten to Grade 6.  Families will read the assigned chapters at home on the scheduled days and then activities and trivia questions will occur at school about those chapters.  We hope that our families are able to take this time to read together and connect but for those times when it's not possible, we have included a link to videos of the chapters being read for those that may require it.  These links are in the calendar here on our website and can be accessed by clicking on each of the chapters of the scheduled day.  We hope you enjoy your time reading and being part of this fun project.


A huge shoutout to our school council for bringing this project our way!