VPE Protocols for COVID-19

VPE follows the guidelines of Alberta Education and Palliser School Division.  Some of the strategies we will be implementing to follow these guidelines and keep students and staff safe from COVID-19 include: 

  • cohorts (see below for more info about our cohorts)
  • staggered recess to limit the number of people who are on the playground at any one time
  • screening for illness
  • strict illness protocols
  • handwashing and sanitizing
  • increased cleaning standards
  • physical distancing when possible
  • masks for students in grades 3-6 students and all adults
  • other PPE as needed

As well, students will receive regular instruction about proper hand washing techniques, respiratory etiquette (coughing or sneezing into their elbow), staying home with signs of illness, how to properly use a mask and how to identify symptoms of COVID-19.  



Each student is assigned a homeroom cohort which is kept strictly apart.  In the event a cohort has more than one teacher, the teacher will move and the students will remain in the classroom. This cohort will practice physical distancing as much as possible, however, our classrooms don’t allow for being 2 metres apart.   Students will have a seating plan in classrooms and will remain with only their cohort at recess. Cohorts will allow for efficient contact tracing should someone become infected.