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Cross Country Run on Thursday

We have just a few days before we head to Arrowwood with all the Grade 3-6 students to compete against other schools in the cross-country run. This year there will be a concession. A food list is included below. Please ensure that students bring water, lunch and snacks with them since we will be in Arrowwood most of the day. Students also need to dress for the weather and wear good running shoes.


Cross Country Run Concession

Items can be purchased at the access window to our kitchen which is in the gym. 


Taco in a Bag                                $5.00

Hot Dog                                         $2.00

Chips                                             $1.00

Popcorn                                        $0.75

Chocolate Bars                             $1.00

Bottled Water                               $1.00

Gatorade                                       $2.00

Juice Box                                      $0.75

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