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Book Fair Begins

Below is a schedule of when each class is attending the Scholastics Book Fair this week. 


Tuesday, November 3                                               

9:10-9:35       Mrs. Booker’s class

10:25-10:55    Ms. Honess’ class

10:55-11:25    Mrs. Kirk’s class

12:38-1:10      Ms. Colborne


Wednesday, November 4

8:50-9:05      Ms. Meehan 

9:05-9:35      Miss McBride’s class

10:55-11:25   Mrs. Bianchini’s class

11:25-11:55   Mrs. Helland/Ashbacher’s class


Thursday, November 5

9:10-9:35      Ms. Meehan 

9:35-10:10    Mrs. Beagle’s class

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